Project exploring the significance of packaging design in the fragrance industry.
Photography of the exhibits for clipping purposes.
80's inspired makeup looks, still lifes, tutorials and nostalgic aesthetics.
The advertising campaign of the joint project Oriflame and Polaris.
A photoshoot of the jewelry with experimental lighting to create a unique mood.
Promotional images of the entire brush set, individual brushes and model looks.
Ask for price
Beauty campaign highlights the radiance-enhancing properties of Metallized Ivory and Champagne.
Ask for price
A project showcasing the versatility of the brand's flagship product using stop-motion video.
Exploring surrealism and consumerism through a project inspired by Rene Magritte's iconic quote.
A makeup project that breaks down gender stereotypes and celebrates diversity.
Photo shooting for the advertising campaign of the joint project between Oriflame and Moulinex.
A long-term project, capturing beauty portraits and product shots.
A photoshoot with three different styles that will reach different audiences and serve different purposes.
A series of posters for a campaign dedicated to Israel's 75th anniversary.
Campaign showcases the unique properties and beauty of black makeup pigment.
Photographs of cosmetic products for use in various media.
Minimalist strength and balance in serene tones.
The photo project for the Septomax antiseptic.
Beauty makeup photoshoot for Glamour Style Book magazine.